Youth Ministers

The Archdiocese is developing a decentralized, partnership model of Youth Ministers that incorporates Parish and Catholic schools. The Youth Minister model is a vision for evangelisation of students from school to Parish-Movement and includes the following faith and mission components.


The first faith and mission component is Formation and Training. The Youth Ministers is to attend the CSYMA Youth Ministry Equipping School that trains, empowers and resources youth ministry leaders. Gathering youth ministry leaders from the Archdiocese and the broader Church to be renewed in faith and be equipped for ministry and mission the Training provides the foundations required for continual ministry throughout the year.

In addition, all Youth Ministers participate the Signum Fidei Catholic Schools and Youth Ministry Program conducted by the ACU La Salle Academy. This provides a certified formation program that supports and trains our Youth Ministers throughout their year of mission.

The Youth Ministry Equipping School has rekindled my spirit, my fire. The school brought together similar minded youth, working in schools or parishes across Australia and neighbouring countries, allowing us to share experiences as well as our faith in a healthy environment. The school offered countless opportunities to reflect on our personal faith but also to grow as an evangelising Christian in modern society. The school has armed me with the attitude and skills in order to proclaim the word of the Lord in new and interactive ways that young people can relate too – James Kenny


Youth Ministers continue to be active in ministry in schools and Parishes throughout the Archdiocese. Involved in the implementation of models of youth ministry, in 2017, 8 Youth Ministers are involved in active Ministry throughout the Archdiocese. Youth Minister placements are open to committed school leavers who have often been through the programs of formation within school.

Essentially, our Youth Ministers are building pathways for young people to engage in the life and mission of the broader Church.

I feel so honoured to have the opportunity to share God’s love with other people and to come alongside young people in their faith journey, wherever that are at. So far it has been a year of growing in my own faith and helping others in theirs. – Amy Webb


Youth ministers come together to plan and conduct various events including the SHINE Gathering, LEAD Conferences and local and regional retreats, Youth Rallies and Youth Masses.


Youth Ministers are then given the opportunity for participation in further Mission opportunities. Youth Ministers have participated in missions to Uganda, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, India and throughout the Northern Territory. Extending ministry beyond cultural boundaries is an incredible experience that can deepen the Youth Ministers faith. Missions have also been a significant opportunity to draw the local community – both School and Parish – into the experience.

To undertake this mission was like a dream come true for me as it gave me the opportunity to deepen my faith and to challenge myself in a culture very different to my own. – Lucy Barber


In addition to these Faith and Mission Components, the Youth Ministers are provided with additional support and resources including fortnightly Formation and Fellowship Gatherings, spiritual mentors and more.

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