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What’s it like to be a Youth Minister?

What’s it like to be a Youth Minister?

What’s it like to be a Youth Minister? Read on to hear Gerard Teng’s experience looking back over the year.


“You probably have seen an individual or a group of energetic, young people around the Archdiocese. DO NOT BE ALARMED!
Hi, my name is Gerard Teng and I am part of this group of hyper-animated people called Youth Ministers.

I first had a Youth Ministry experience when I was in Year 8, seeing groups of young people in action instilled in me a unified purpose, which is to evangelize the good news of God. Witnessing little kids opening their innocence up with curiosity and awe, through answering every faith related question and seeing that initial spark of faith ignite in them; these experiences have created an initial spark within me. This is the reason I became a youth minister during my high school years and continued the journey this year.

The most memorable moment of being a youth minister, including my past-experiences; was the ongoing and new relationship being formed with children and youth. Noticing their personality, faith and ambition gradually growing and witnessing how much they have influence on the people surrounding them. Reflecting on the fruit that comes from all their hard work and struggles, it is such a blessing for all the youth ministers to witness. In response, youth ministers are driven to put 100% into our mission, trusting that God’s plan is such greater then we think.

There are times where it isn’t positive, such as the low points of our faith life, miscommunication with peers or demanding workload. I know a couple of youth ministers have felt the desolation of faith, so do I. However, God is always here with us, God is patient. “For the vision is yet for the appointed time, wait for it, it will certainly come, it will not delay.” Habakkuk 2:3

As youth ministers, we can’t engage with the youth of today alone. We need strong support from older generations, communities and the church to continue to guide us in seeking a deeper relationship with God. So please pray, participate and assist us in the future. We won’t bite, we are kind people too!”

Gerard Teng – Youth Minister.

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