What is Prayer?

You can pray!


There is no set way to pray, no right or wrong way. Prayer is simply about building relationship with God. It is about loving God. It is about listening to Him, as much as it is about talking to Him. And above that, it is just about being with Him.


We are called to be people of prayer. By this, we do not just mean that we are to find the time to ‘say prayers’, although that has its place too. Rather, we are to take seriously the invitation to enter more fully into the relationship that is at the heart of our faith. We are to have hearts that seek to engage with and respond to God. Learning to do this takes time, discipline and perseverance. As we enter into a life of prayer, we discover that prayer is not so much about ‘getting God to do stuff’ as it is about offering our very selves to God that we might become the means through which God can reach out to the world in which we live and work. You are to be God’s voice, God’s hands and God’s heart to a world in need. When people encounter you they are to encounter Jesus Christ. The only way that that can become remotely possible is if we allow Jesus Christ to work in and through us.


As with all friendships, your relationship with God must be based in reality. You need to be honest about how you are feeling and where you might be in your life. Pray from the “here and now” rather than the “where and how I think I should be.” He knows you intimately, be open and honest in your prayer.


Prayer means entrusting yourself to God with everything. It means talking and listening and allowing Him into your everyday life; what you think, say and do. The moment you take a step towards God, you will come to realise He is already there with you. But, the path to prayer begins with this small step every day, consider this your invitation to take it.


It is often helpful to find a quiet place, away from all distractions. You can still yourself by closing your eyes and taking several slow, deep breaths, allowing your focus to settle deep within yourself. Seek out the Holy Spirit to direct you in your prayer.

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