Steps in Prayer

Step One – Begin

  • Invite the Holy Spirit and ask Him to enlighten you
  • Surrender your worries to God
  • Give thanks for blessings
  • Examine your conscience


Step Two – Listen

  • Read the scripture slowly
  • Reflect on the message for you
  • Underline the key word of phrase that speaks to you
  • Let it sink into your heart


Step Three – Pray

  • Allow this word to begin a conversation between you and god
  • Respond with love in your heart and hold up in prayer any intention you might have. Family? Friends? School?


Step Four – Journal

  • Write down (check out your notes section of your phone) how the word connect with your life and how it will bring you closer to Christ.
  • Write a prayer to the Lord.


Step Five – Closing Prayer

  • Close with a prayer, either from the Prayer Library or one of your own.

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