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Merici Students Ministering Beyond the School

Merici Students Ministering Beyond the School

Merici College students have taken a step forward in their Youth Ministry journey last year, forming their own Youth Ministry Team called Angela’s Angels. The name is taken from their patron saint Angela Merici, with a spin. Since starting up this Team, a number of girls have participated in the CSYMA and ACU Youth Academy which included the Youth Ministry Equipping School conducted in the Archdiocese at the beginning of the year.

On the 30th of May, Merici girls ran their first ever retreat for Year 4 students from St Gregory’s Primary School participating in their First Eucharist. The Angela’s Angels ran the whole day, which included sessions about: the Body of Christ, The Last Supper, The Passover and engaged with the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The students came with such enthusiasm and passion for the sessions. To finish the retreat, three of the Angela’s Angels shared their personal testimonies. Each of the girls spoke about how the Eucharist has impacted their lives. It was so great to hear the girls share on their memories from their First Eucharist and how they still encounter Jesus every weekend at Mass.

The day was a fantastic experience for the Year 4 students. It gave them the opportunity to hear from someone closer to their age during the retreat. This connection made it so much more relatable for the Year 4 students.

Some of the feedback from the Saint Gregory’s teachers outlined just how powerful the witness of the Merici students was on the day.

“The day was fantastic! The students responded to such a deep and “full” day when it was run by people even closer to their age.”

“The students were able to relate to the testimonies, given that the girls were not that much older than them.”

“It was definitely relevant and very informative.”

“It was very brave of the girls to share their faith journeys and I believe it is imperative that students hear other people’s journeys, which in turn encourages them to say, “Hey! It’s okay to talk about my faith with other people too.””

It is exciting seeing the Youth Ministry Team form out at Merici College, with even more exciting developments to come in the coming months and years.

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