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Adoration 101

Adoration 101

Hannah McMahon

 Adoration has this vast peace that the world can not give. It is as though I am in a balloon of grace. All of the anxieties, weights and pressures that I am carrying on my shoulders seem to disappear when I enter into adoration. When I leave, I feel nothing but peace and reassurance.

I still remember the very first time I went to adoration, I had no idea what I was doing and if I was doing it right. Have you ever gone to adoration, felt like you weren’t doing it right? Felt like you were failing? I can tell you now, that you aren’t the only one! I have come up with three points to help you when it comes to entering into adoration:

  1. DON’T COMPARE: There is no ‘right way’ to enter into adoration. It is your own personal time with God, and He is happy you are there with him. So don’t compare the way that you are spending your time in Adoration with how other people are, because their relationship with God is completely different to yours.
  2. PRAY: There is something so extraordinary about praying in Adoration, whether it be a formal prayer or a conversation with God, I encourage you to try it. St. Josemaria Escriva said “The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you’ll be amazed at the results.” Bring your rosary beads and pray, because all of God’s graces pass through Mother Mary.
  3. BE OKAY WITH SILENCE: Sometimes silence can make us feel uncomfortable, that we have to fill it with something. But it is okay to be silent. It will bring you an overwhelming sense of peace to just sit in the presence of God.

I am often so caught up in the busyness of life that I hardly find myself in Adoration, but in fact it is those who can’t find time for prayer that need to pray the most, because it is like any relationship, you have to find the time to spend with God.

The CG Youth Ministry will be holding 12 Hours of Adoration on the 3rd August which will be a great opportunity to gather with other youth, young adults and the broader Catholic Church praying for this Year of Youth in the Archdiocese. Sign up for a time slot by clicking here



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